APAO Fundraising Run


APAO Fundraising Run

APAO 2024 Bali Fundraising Run: Strong Strides Together

The 6th APAO Fundraising Run aims to promote the science and art of ophthalmology among all nations in the region. This year’s event features two categories:


  1. Run to Bali
    Participants can start running in their own countries and accumulate distance (minimum 5km) from Jan 20 to Feb 20, 2024.
  1. 5km Run/Walk Challenge
    The challenge will take place from BNDCC Main Entrance to Peninsula Water Blow and back to BNDCC Main Entrance on Feb 24, 2024.

* Participants may take part in one or both categories.

Individual/Team Participants

Individual Team

2 categories:

– Young Ophthalmologists (aged ≤ 40)

– Ophthalmologists (aged 41 – 64)

Composed of at least 8 people

Application Fee: US$30

Recommended Donation: US$30

Souvenirs for Mission Completed*:

  • Finisher Medal
  • Digital Certificate
Application Fee: US$30/head

Recommended Donation: US$500

Souvenirs for Mission Completed*:

  • Finisher Medal
  • Digital Certificate

*We will reserve 300 pcs of the finisher medal and T-shirt for this run on first-come-first-served basis.


Registration for the APAO 2024 Fundraising Run is now open. Participants are required to complete the online registration form and pay the registration fee (US $30) on the congress system.

Limited Edition Running T-shirt

Please register the run and choose a suitable size at the online registration system by January 31. The T-shirt size cannot be changed after registration. The availability of the T-shirt size is on a first come, first served basis during registration and subject to stock availability during the race pack distribution. 

Category 1: Run to Bali

Upload Mileage

Runners need to upload their running records to accumulate mileage. Please simply upload the records through the page https://airtable.com/appTgyyXalIBp9m7x/shrAH001VQCp2Gd9U by using the following GPS-enabled mobile devices/apps to show the mileage accumulated, clearly stating the date, distance, duration, and route.

Participants are required to record a minimum of 3 km per upload. However, there is no limit on the number of uploads throughout the event period. You are also encouraged to take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the route and/or yourself and upload them to share the joy!

Please note that records from running machines/treadmills will not be accepted. All records should be submitted by Feb 20, 2024, 12:00 GMT+8.

Category 2: 5km Run/Walk Challenge

The 5km Run/Walk Challenge will begin at Nusa Due Beach and cover a 5 km route, which offers magnificent views of Water Blow near Nusa Dua Beach. Experience the power of nature from the Indian Ocean!

All participants will receive a runner’s pack containing a T-shirt and enjoy a complimentary breakfast at the end of the event.


Event Date: February 24, 2024 (Saturday)

Meeting up at BNDCC
06:30 ‐ 06:35 Welcome Remarks
06:35 ‐ 06:45
Warm‐up by YOs
06:45 ‐ 07:45
5km Run/Walk
07:45 ‐ 07:55
Cool-Down & Light Breakfast
07:55 ‐ 08:15
Photo Taking & Prize Presentation

Bonus Mission

Participants are encouraged to take photos of the beautiful scenery of the route and upload them to our shared album at 2024.apaophth.org.

Progress Record

  • Female – Highest Mileages (Ophthalmologists)

  • Female – Highest Mileages (Young Ophthalmologists)

  • Male – Highest Mileages (Ophthalmologists)

  • Male – Highest Mileages (Young Ophthalmologists)

  • Group – Highest Mileages

  • Group – Total Amount of Donation

  • Total Amount of Donation

Prizes and Awards

Participants who finish a minimum of 5km run with tracked records will receive a certificate. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Awards Categories Details Prize
Race Awards Young Ophthalmologists Fastest Male and Fastest Female finishing the 5km Run Challenge
  • Complimentary registration for the next APAO Congress
  • Certificate
Ophthalmologists Fastest Male and Fastest Female finishing the 5km Run Challenge

Young Ophthalmologists Male and Female with the highest mileage finished in the “Run to Bali”
  • Complimentary registration for the next APAO Congress
  • Certificate
Ophthalmologists Male and Female with the highest mileage finished in the “Run to Bali”
Highest Mileage Award in Group A Group with the highest mileage in the “Run to Bali”


Top Individual Fundraising Award

  • Complimentary registration for the next APAO Congress
  • Certificate

Top Fundraising Award in Group

  • Cultural Party ticket
    of the APAO 2024 congress x 6
  • Certificate

The Beneficiaries

This year, donations raised will be used to support the St. Damian Leprosy/Disability Rehabilitation Center in Indonesia and the APAO Leadership Development Program (LDP).

St. Damian Leprosy/Disability Rehabilitation Center

The St. Damian Leprosy/Disability Rehabilitation Center in Cancar, East Nusa Tenggara is a social organisation specialised for improving the lives of marginalised people through healthcare, education and vocational training.

Established in 1965, this organisation was initiated by Pater Wibrin,  SVD and Mgr. Wilhelmus Van Bekkum, SVD, to accommodate the pressing need to address health crises and societal neglect within the community. From its humble beginnings as a clinic, it has blossomed into a comprehensive centre, offering a wide array of services. Their initiatives span across healthcare, rehabilitation, education, and economic empowerment.

At the heart of their mission is a commitment to restoring dignity to those often marginalised, as it aligns with their vision of the right to life in dignity and worth. Their healthcare services include a polyclinic to treat diseases and surgeries if needed, as well as specialised care such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. They also provide tailored orthopaedic services for leprosy patients and individuals with disabilities by designing and creating wheelchairs , walkers, and prosthesis.

St. Damian Leprosy/Disability Rehabilitation Center provides a holistic approach to rehabilitation. They focus not only on physical recovery but also on mental well-being, vocational training, and social integration. Through special school and mentorship programs, they equip beneficiaries with skills in traditional crafts, woodworking, agriculture, and more, fostering independence and self-worth.

Furthermore, the centre actively engages in economic endeavours, operating woodworking shops, accommodation services, and a shop. These initiatives sustain the organisation and provide beneficiaries with opportunities to develop skills for community integration. Beyond their programs, they work tirelessly to change societal perceptions, creating an inclusive environment where every individual, regardless of their condition, is respected and integrated into society.

Over the years, their dedication has positively impacted countless lives, nurturing resilience, independence, and hope within the community, especially patients with leprosy and disabilities. Currently, they provide services to 121 beneficiaries with various backgrounds. These services are given by a team of 39 staff, which included some of the beneficiaries who were given a chance to work on a minimum wage.

Financial support is crucial for the St. Damian Center as it enables them to expand their crucial services. Funding gathered from the charity will specifically aid in providing essential prosthetics, wheelchairs, and walkers, crucial for the mobility and well-being of their clients. Additionally, this contribution will address the urgent need for employee wages, caregivers for individuals with disabilities, and help overcome hurdles in obtaining necessary permits, ensuring uninterrupted care and support for those in need.

APAO Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The APAO Leadership Development Program offers a structured training and skill-building opportunity to prepare future leaders in the field of Ophthalmology across the Asia-Pacific region. The program aims to help participants enhance their leadership skills, broaden their professional network, gain international exposure, and ultimately drive positive change within their community.