Priority Points Program


Priority Points Program


The priority points program is a participation and loyalty reward system for APAO Congress corporate partners including Exhibitors and Sponsors.

The program is designed to reward corporate partners for their support and provide a clear and transparent scheduling process of the exhibit booth space order for each exhibitor.

To benefit from the priority points program, the company is required to submit the completed booking form to the APAO Secretariat by the priority point deadline of September 10, 2023. The priority points program will not be applied to late submissions.

The priority of booth assignment will be assessed according to the company’s earned priority points and payment date. Companies with the greatest number of points are assigned first, progressing to companies with the fewest.

The priority points can be accrued through attendance at the previous congress as well as sponsoring, advertising and supporting the congress programs.

When two companies with equal points request the same space, priority will be given to the company which has exhibited at three previous congresses in the past five years. If a tie still exists after evaluating this criterion, the exhibit space will be assigned on a first come, first served basis based on the booking and payment dates.

Violations of or failure to adhere to APAO policies, contracts, rules and regulations will result in points being deducted from a company’s total points.

The priority point system is subject to cancellation, change or modification by APAO at any time without prior notice.

Priority points are accrued annually and added to the cumulative total in the following ways:

1. Exhibiting

  • 1 point for exhibiting in the current year
  • 1 point per year for exhibiting at 5 previous consecutive congresses

2. Booth Size

  •  1 point for the first 9 sqm of booth space
  • 2 points for every 9 sqm of booth space

3. Payment

  • 5 points for sending full payment with the booking form by the priority point deadline: September 10, 2023

4. Total Congress Expenditure

  • Total event expenditure includes booth cost, registration and sponsorship at the APAO 2024 Congress.
Points Earned Total Amount Spent
10 US$50,000 – US$99,999
15 US$100,000 – US$149,999
30 US$150,000 – US$179,999
35 US$180,000 – US$209,999
50 US$210,000+

5. Total Advertising Expenditure

  • Total advertising expenditure includes delegate items, advertising items and onsite items.
 Points Earned Total Amount Spent
1 US$3,000 – US$5,999
3 US$6,000 – US$9,999
5 US$10,000 – US$29,999
7 US$30,000 – US$49,999
10 US$50,000+

6. Sponsoring Social Programs and/or APAO Projects

  • 5 points for sponsoring any two of the following social programs:
  • Presidential Dinner
  • APAO LDP Alumni Reception
  • Gala Dinner
  • Young Ophthalmologists’ Night
  • WIO Luncheon
  • 5 points for sponsoring APAO Projects:
  • APAO Gateway Project
  • APAO International Fellowship Program
  • APAO Leadership Development Program
  • Asia-Pacific Eye Care Week
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology

7. Donation & APAO Project / Program Sponsorship

  • The total amount donated to the APAO Fundraising Run / other congress-related events such as APAO/APOIS Imaging Competition
Points Earned Total Donation Amount
1 US$1,500 – US$3,999
3 US$4,000 – US$9,999
5 US$10,000 – US$29,999
7 US$30,000+

8. Completion of the Post-Congress Survey

  • 5 points for completing the post-congress survey